How to enter- 

To enter, fill out the Pageant Entry Form. Please send 2-3 photographs of yourself to, and use Sky River Pinup Pageant in the subject line. Submit your entry no later then July 31st 2017. We will have no more then 20 Entries for this pageant. If we receive more then 20 contestant entries, we will have our judges review all applicants and choose the top 20 to move forward to the event.

Rules and Guidelines-

Pinup Pageant RULES:

All participants must be 21 years of age or older with a valid I.D.  
No swimwear, lingerie or overtly sexy clothing is permitted in the pageant. This is a family friendly Event and there will be children in attendance. 

All Pin-Up styles are permitted (keep in mind this pageant is Rockabilly and Musically inspired). Feel free to put your own twist or creativity into your look to set you apart, but be cautious of going to modern. ( this event is a recreation of a music festival that first occurred in 1968) Costume-like apparel is permitted, as long as it is tasteful, authentic (not Halloween costume quality) and fitting to the theme. 
No negative speech, attitudes or behavior permitted at any time. On or off the stage. NO BAD WINNERS OR SORE LOSERS ALLOWED. 

No one is to speak with the judges, contributors, organizers, etc, in an attempt to sway voting in their favor. If this occurs the contestant (and above mentioned party, if they do not report it) will be evicted from the pageant and banned from reentry, no excuses or exceptions. 

All participants must sign Participant Liability Waiver prior to participating in the event. You will also be asked to sign a model release form, for photography purposes. 

Any participant acting in a lewd manner (i.e. simulating sexual acts, taking off clothing or flirting from the stage) will be disqualified. 
The use of profanity, derogatory comments, or slander during the question and answer segment will result in disqualification. 

All participants must be accessible after the event for a photography session with official pageant photographer(s). Finalists (winners and runner-ups) will need to be available for sponsor photo-ops as well. Avoidance of this will result in disqualification. 



We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your personal belongings; please make sure you account for your things while you are in attendance at the event. 
There is NO MAKEUP OR HAIRSTYLING provided for the pageant onsite. Please be sure to come to the event prepared for the pageant.  ( we will have an event tent set up just for our contestants) 
You must be fully dressed with hair and makeup done no later than 9am

All contestants must check in and get their number by that time. We will also discuss questions asked on stage, and where to walk when on stage at that time. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive too late you will not compete. We are not accountable or responsible for other independent photographers in the audience. 
All participants in the pageant will have photo opportunities with the sponsoring photographer/photographers, with the backdrops we will have set up and will receive an edited photo/ Photos for their portfolio. 
Pageant winners 1st, 2nd, Peoples Choice, and Peoples Choice Online, and Contestants Choice.

Prize Packages including but not limited to: 
Photo shoot
Guaranteed publication in a Pin-Up Magazine
Fabulous gift basket
Crown/ sash
And of course bragging rights of Miss Sky River Rock Queen/Princess, 2017

Remember this is a great family event, we will have food, beverages, cocktails, cars, and of course Rock and Roll

Time Table of events ( Tentative)  

August 1st, online voting begins, for our Peoples Choice Online winner.

Contestants Workshop, 3 Weeks Prior to Event, ( this may be done online, with those traveling a distance) August 4th 2017, question answer tips, and advise.

Our Meet and Greet night Friday at the start of the event, all contestants are welcome to come and meet and greet with the public, Other Volunteer duties may become available, such as serving drinks, hostess ect, ( those interested in serving must have a Washington State MAST permit ( Mandatory Alcohol Sever Training Permit) It is not required to volunteer to work, but may help you to get familiar with the crowd, and of course you would keep any tips earned, and would be a great opportunity to visit with everyone.

Saturday all contestants will be required to arrive by 8:30 am, at this time we will be setting up and getting our classic cars parked and set up for the days events.

10:00 - 12:00 noon your time at the Car show, mingle with the public, photo opportunities, ect

12:00 Noon Contestants take the stage, You will be introduced, asked interview questions, and wow the crowd with your rockabilly pinup look.

After all contestants have had stage time, you will have some time to relax get something to eat ect. appox 1-2 hours

4:00 pm all contestants will again take the stage, we will then crown our winners...

All Participants in the Pin-up Pageant will be required or pay a $50.00 non refundable entrance fee. This also covers your VIP pass to the 2 day Sky River Rock Festival

As we are still in the planning stages of this event, Sponsorship opportunities for contestants may become available.   

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at
Or call/ text to 425-563-3089 

Pinup Pageant is sponsored by Electric Pinup Magazine
We are really looking forward to this event, hope to see everyone there.